What Are You Thankful for CtrCity Anaheim?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we took some time to meet people who work, live or visit CtrCity Anaheim to ask what they are grateful for this holiday season. From their answers, it’s clear that when it comes to appreciation, friends and family take center stage.

Joseph and Louis, from Rwanda and England, Packing House

Joseph: “I’m grateful for my parents sending me to college all the way from England. I moved here for tennis, I’m a tennis player at college, so I got offered a place here, I love it.” 

Louis: “I live with an American family. I’ve been here for two years. They usually have Thanksgiving. Actually, it’s my favorite holiday in America. I’m grateful for my family. My family back home, they support me. Also, I’m grateful for my host family, they offered me a scholarship to Cal State Fullerton. They are helping me pay the tuition.”

Coco, Yari and Juan, Hammer Workshop & Bar

Coco:We’re here because I got a Snapchat reminder earlier today that three years ago today, November 23rd, we were at Mesa in Costa Mesa celebrating Friendsgiving, so I texted my friends and said ‘Hey I got this reminder and we should do this again.’ It was totally last minute and I was actually surprised that Juan was down because it was so last minute, he’s usually very busy. We are here celebrating 15+ years of friendship.”

Juan: “I’m thankful for our friendship and just, you know, the people I have in my life.”

Coco: “Yari, what are you thankful for?”

Yari: “I’m thankful to have people in my life who you can trust, who are honest. Even if their attitude sucks sometimes, you know they’re genuinely good people.”

Coco: “And I’m just thankful for this year, I’ve been through the ups and downs and I’m ready to start the new year. I learned a lot this year, and I hope to learn more.”

Don, Mini Monster

“It’s super cliché but I’m really grateful for my mom. Actually, I have a tattoo because she almost passed away when she was giving birth to me and she had an option: she had to choose which one to live either me or her. My mom chose me instead of herself, so I’m super grateful for that. Even with my little sister, she almost passed away. Her life was really at risk at that time. She chose me.”

The Snyders, Jillian (mom), and Micah one of three boys, Healthy Junk

Micah: “I’m grateful for you” (looks at mom.)

Jillian: “I’m grateful for family for sure. I am grateful for—this area. I’m really grateful for areas like this. It’s really diverse. My husband’s not vegan, but we are so we can eat here and he can eat somewhere else and there’s so much to do and see.”

Luis, FRAN driver, Center Street Promenade

“My family. My wife. I recently got married at the beginning of the year. So, I’m grateful that I have a family and everyone right now is healthy and that I have a job because most people right now are struggling to get a job. FRAN is my second job, so I’m grateful to have a full-time job and a part-time job.”

Archie, delivery person, Center Street Promenade

“You know what? I am so grateful that I am going to turn sixty-nine in a couple of weeks. I’m hopefully going to make it and I’ll be blessed. Everything is good so far, but you’ve got to take it a day at a time.”

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