Unique New Year’s ResolutionsMake 2017 a Year to Remember in Center City Anaheim

Whether you’re the “stick to a regimen” type, or you’re just looking for some interesting ways to start the new year, we have a list of unique New Year’s Resolutions to get 2017 off on the right foot.

Learn Some New Tricks

Eating healthy is a resolution that we can all relate to, and CulinaryLab Cooking School is just the place to help make this happen. Located just outside Center City on Anaheim Blvd. sign up and enjoy some expert instruction to help you hone your skills in the kitchen. From single day home cooking classes, to full fledged pro level programs, this immersive, hands-on school offers chefs of every level the chance to make something delicious.

CulinaryLab in Center City Anaheim

Learn to cook new, delicious and healthy meals at CulinaryLab cooking studio in Center City Anaheim.

Sure everyone has health and fitness at the top of their self-improvement lists, but how about a way to get fit while having some fun? Sign up for a class at SwingIt Trapeze and soar high above the ground like a circus acrobat—all while getting a good workout. Professionals will teach you how to swing from the bars and fly through the sky in a safe and skilled environment. Impress your friends all while having the time of your life.

man practicing trapeze at Swing It Trapeze in Anaheim.

Get in shape while having fun–try your hand in trapeze at Swing It Trapeze in Anaheim.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Have a poem inside that want’s out? Need a little more time to finally finish that book? Make the second and fourth Thursday of every month your nights to write. Join the Ink & Bean Coffee Saloon and Wordshop Critique Group where all levels and genres are welcome. Get the support and camaraderie you need to keep putting words on the page.

Women catching up over coffee at Ink and Bean cafe in Anaheim.

Spend more time catching up with friends and investing in your relationships. Meet up at Ink and Bean Cafe.

The new year is the perfect time to catch up on your reading. Just outside the Ink & Bean is the Airstream Library, providing a unique spot for picking up a free paperback. Pop in and find a classic you’ve forgotten about or a new title you’ve never heard of. And if you have some books you’re tired of, donate them for others to enjoy.

Help Your Neighbors

In addition to improving the health of your body and mind, give your soul a healthy diet by volunteering your time. By opening Rockwood Apartments in 2016, Anaheim took a huge leap forward in solving the prevalent homeless problem in Southern California. By offering affordable housing this new complex has given those in need a new lease on life—literally. Help keep the positive momentum moving forward in 2017 by volunteering your time. Jamboree, the home-builder behind the Rockwood complex, is always looking for individuals or businesses to help serve the underserved. You can sign up for a single day of volunteer service or get involved to help your neighborhood on a regular basis. Find out how you can help by visiting the Jamboree volunteer page.

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