Sunday FundayCelebrating the Last Day of the Weekend

Don’t mourn the end of the weekend—revel in those last precious hours of freedom with wild abandon. Sunday brunch is an essential part of preparing for a new work week. If you’re in the Anaheim area the best place to start your Sunday Funday celebration is in the Packing District in Center City. You’ll find everything you need from delicious grub to a little exercise and even opportunities to get your creative juices flowing.

With the abundant options to fill your Sunday Funday, it’s important to pace yourself. Start the day off at the crack of ten with a yoga class at Farmers Park, courtesy of The Yoga Mat. Farmer’s Park is a two-acre park with a community garden, olive grove and boardwalk that runs between the Packard Building and the Packing House. Bring a yoga mat (obviously), towel, water and sunscreen, and do your most impressive downward dog or your fiercest warrior pose. Best of all, it’s free (but donations are greatly appreciated).

No Sunday Funday is complete without fantastic food. Next, head over to The Gypsy Den on the Center Street Promenade for Sunday brunch and their Anaheim-famous $10 bottomless Mimosas. The décor is casual, shabby chic with mismatched furniture and random artwork, and it’s a great place to have a cup of coffee (or Mimosa), hang out and people watch—the outdoor patio sits right on the Promenade. The brunch menu is vegetarian/vegan friendly and their breakfast Panini is to die for. The Treasure Bowl is another great option with Greek yogurt, berries, honeycomb and granola. There are some great vegan desserts too, like the coconut cake, so save some room.

Next stop, Pour Vida Latin Flavor. Chef Jimmy Martinez is the former chef at BOA Steakhouse and former executive chef at 41 Ocean Club. The tacos are fantastic with seafood and vegetarian options, and the salads are excellent. But the drinks are the stars of the show with exquisite craft cocktails and fresh-pressed juices.

It’s been a long day, but you need to wrap up Sunday Funday with a little mystery. Head over to the “super-secret” speakeasy-style bar known as The Blind Rabbit. Inside the Packing House, look for the Rolling Boil hot pot place. Now, look around casually to see if you’ve been followed. If the coast is clear, saunter towards the Japanese beer keg wall—that’s where you’ll find the secret door to The Blind Rabbit. You’ll need a top-secret password which only a select few people in the world who have Internet access and are able to navigate the Blind Rabbit Instagram page will be able to procure. Reservations are recommended, unless you enjoy standing around trying to look inconspicuous for hours on end.

Brew Master

Inside you’ll find yet even more imaginative craft cocktails and a short bar menu with exotic comfort food like the duck confit mac and cheese and the pork two ways made with pork belly and pig ears. Round out the evening with an order of cinnamon toast crunch sorbet.

Planning a spectacular Sunday Funday has never been easier. Simply start your celebration in Anaheim’s Center City. There’s so much to do here, you’ll be hard pressed to get it all in on one day. Don’t forget to document your festivities using #CtrCity.

Now go home. It’s Sunday.


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