Packing District’s World Taste Sneak Peek

An array of foodie-worthy delights are coming to the Anaheim Packing District’s World Taste on Wednesday, November 13th. Special plates inspired from around the globe will be available to taste alongside exciting culture fusions. All without ever leaving Orange County!

Each ticket gives you access to ten gourmet tastes from participating vendors, many created especially for the event. The taste tickets are tear-off so you can share with a friend. Enjoy a private party atmosphere enhanced by live performances from Diversity Band and the Darden Sisters.

Single tickets are $30.00 and two-fer tickets go for $55 online and will be $40 at the door the day of the event.

Here are a few gourmet offerings you can expect:

Japanese-style crȇpe tacos with Cream Top Coffee from Crȇpe Coop

Porto’s Cuban mashed potato beef balls from Pali Wine Co.

Holiday Leftovers Poutine from The Kroft

Photo Credit @packingdistrict

Wood-fired Italian cuisine from Healthy Junk’s new Packing House location

Thailand-inspired jalapeño waffle dog bombers from Fanfare Waffle Dog

The Gobbler Grilled Cheese from Black Sheep GCB

Fish N’ Chips from The Chippy Fish & Grill

Photo Credit @_mbar

BBQ pork buns from 18 Folds

Vietnamese chicken egg rolls from 206 BCE

Shrimp Pan Roast, Turkey Gumbo or Jambalaya from Kettlebar

Falafel, Chicken Kabob or Shawarma Bowl from Mangal

Photo Credit @mangal_anaheim

and much more!

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