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 International Make Music Day comes to Anaheim June 21st

Imagine a day where music rules. Professional performers are found on street corners, parks and other public spots sharing their skill and talent free of charge. Want to join in? Amateur and hopeful musicians are encouraged and even expected to join in the celebration. Pick up an instrument, sing or simply tap along, it’s all good.

This day becomes reality on June 21st as Anaheim introduces its first ever International Make Music Day. It’s a free musical celebration featuring concerts, lessons and jam sessions on the streets, sidewalks and parks throughout the city.

The Packing District serves as the home base for the festivities, but informal and spontaneous jams are welcome. The official roster of events is completely family friendly and open to all ages, and takes full advantage of the extra sunlight as June 21st also happens to be the longest day of the year.

Even kids get in on the action. Students from Anaheim Elementary School District will perform  while some scheduled events include bucket drumming, guitar lessons and a stringed instrument jam both at Farmers Park and harmonica lessons and a blues jam will be at the MAKE building.

Additional activities abound like a BoomwhackersⓇ Playalong sponsored by Rhythm Band Instruments (it’s as fun as it sounds) and even FRAN will be in on the action. As you hop from jam session to local bands and back again, sing your heart out as the free ride service turns into a roving karaoke bar-it’s FRANpool Karaoke!

Live music performances are around every corner: from the Packing House stage, to the Farmers Park and MAKE Building stages. Begin or end in the Packing District while exploring other happenings across the town like a concert at the Anaheim Presbyterian Church and an Open Mic Night at Music & Arts. Pro tip: if you sign up for lessons there you get a free guitar! Check out the official listings page to find your scene.

Fun Facts About International Make Music Day

  • Make Music Day began in 1982 when the French Ministry of Culture, Jack Lang envisioned a day where music is celebrated across the nation; accessible and open to everyone. Called te de la Musique in France, it has since caught on and is now celebrated in 120 countries and over 1,000 cities across the globe.
  • The original name, has a double meaning. In French the word “fȇte” means party or celebration. It’s pronounced the same as the word “fait” which means “make.” This way, it’s clear participation is encouraged.
  • Anaheim has long been a birthplace of musicians and artists. Noted musicians from Anaheim include Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal of No Doubt, Jeff and Tim Buckley and composer Don Davis.

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