For the Love of JPop

JPop Night returns to Bizen Beer bar Saturday, February 22nd from 6:00-9:00 PM. Featuring the slick synth sounds of Orange County’s own Jpop and anime star Stephanie Yanez, this fun-filled night celebrates the best of Japanese pop culture. Japanese finger foods (tapas) will fuel the night along with special guests Ozeki Sake who come with a new way to enjoy the traditional drink—strawberry nigori sake along with yuzu and peach jelly shots!

Since winning AX Idol in 2004, Yanez, who sings original songs and covers both in Japanese and English, has toured the U.S. and Japan, recording, performing and releasing original videos on YouTube, collaborating on merch and hosting events. Presented by Anime Expo, the largest North American anime convention, AX Idol gives American talent a chance to show their JPop star skills. Since her win, Yanez has fashioned a following and is the perfect person to host an Orange County x JPop night.

Although early on JPop was influenced by western rock groups like The Beatles, Japanese popular music has since taken on a life and sensibility all its own. Today, the music is equally influenced by fashion, anime and street culture. As a nod to this match-up of music fantasy and art, cosplay is welcomed and encouraged. “We wanted to provide a place where people who are interested in anime or Japanese culture and music can enjoy hanging out drinking and eating together,” says Rocky Yoneyama, head manager of both Bizen Beer bar and Okayama Kobo.

So mark your calendars— tanoshimou! Let’s have fun!

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