Cheese It Up: Plate Like an Expert with Chef Andrea Machuca-Kirkland

Who doesn’t love cheese? Most of us at least love the gooey cheeses of childhood; whether melted in between slices of bread or peeled away from portable sticks. However, growing up your cheese game can be a little intimidating. There are as many cheese varieties and styles as there are the delicious beer and wine that complements them. So where to start?

Luckily, BXCR’s resident chef Andrea Machuca-Kirkland has you covered. Chef Andrea knows her stuff, The down-to-earth evangelist of a good brie (and all other types of food) has been dreaming up ways to introduce Anaheim to the finer points of cheese for awhile now.

“During our last plating presentation, we had a few new faces come and show up,” she says… “They grabbed their cheese board, and at first they felt a little intimidated, like ‘Oh my gosh, she’s creating this thing step-by-step how am I going to do that? You totally can!’ Take your favorite cheeses and just play around like you’re a kid, like playing Tetris,’ “Once they have that look on their faces like they’ve created their first board, that smile…that’s my favorite thing”

Chef Andrea hopes to create more cheese “aha” moments with her next event for BXCR on August 20th. At this end-of-summer Plating and Presentation Cheese class, guests will learn how to plate like a professional cheesemonger, walking away having created their very first cheeseboard and “ready to impress guests” at their end-of-summer soiree.

The three kinds of cheese featured at the event will be from Vermont Creamery and Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company. During the class, you will sip wine and champagne while Chef Andrea guides you on how to use edible flowers, homemade jams, and spiced nuts to create your unique cheese presentation.

Tickets to the event are $45 and include one 4 oz wheel of Vermont Creamery’s Bijou, two slices of cheese from Point Reyes, your very own handcrafted cheeseboard to take home, and one glass of red wine, white wine or bubbly. Need a little more practice? You can purchase additional cheese, wrapped to go on the spot and dependent on availability at the event.

Reserve your spot now as seats are limited!

For tickets:

Plating & Presentation Cheese Class by BXCR Underground Wine Society

Cooks Chapel
440 South Anaheim Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92805

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